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About Us

In today's fast-paced world, technology is driving the pace and solving complex problems. BizMathematica specializes in creating cutting-edge digital technologies that are customized for the government in both military and civilian environments. Our technologies are aimed at improving processing, storage, sensing, and transfer capabilities, and enabling better behavior and outcomes while ensuring secure data and communication. BizMathematica's team is composed of a variety of individuals from engineers, technologists, and business experts to scientists and lawyers. We all share a common passion and optimism for the future - and BizMathematica's endless possibilities in supporting the U.S. government in its effort to maintain its technological edge.

Our Mission

Redefining the Way Government Operates

At BizMathematica, we partner with government and civilian entities to maximize operational efficiency by leveraging our cutting-edge technology. Our real-time data analytics capabilities provide accurate insights into their business processes, enabling them to make informed decisions. With the power of AI, our solutions not only make organizations smarter but also provide them with a competitive advantage by facilitating swift adaptation to changes and keeping up with today's fast-paced business environment.

Meet the Executive Team

Sanjeev Kumar

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
& CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Sanjeev Kumar has over 23 years of experience in the technology and financial industries, with a strong track record of driving successful digital transformations for revenue growth, business innovation, and enhanced customer experiences. He serves as CEO and CTO of BizMathematica. Sanjeev is also the CEO of Eficens Systems where he leads the development and implementation of innovative software solutions and cutting-edge technological advancements that drive efficiency and sustainability. He possesses vast expertise in multiple fields, ranging from cognitive computing and advanced data engineering to composable and distributed autonomous services, Blockchain technology, Web 3.0, Cloud and Edge computing, Cyber Security, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ES&G). Prior to Eficens, Sanjeev served as the Chief Technology Officer for Financial Services at Dell Technologies, where he managed global customer relationships for financial services, led a global data management strategy, and established a roadmap for technology and partner incubation and operationalization. Sanjeev has also held leadership roles at various financial institutions, including State Street Corporation as Managing Director & Chief Data Architect, Chief Architect for Global Markets, Chief Technology Architect, and Vice President of Software Development. Sanjeev holds an MBA in Systems and Finance from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, and a BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra.

Suishta Saigal

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Suishta Saigal is an accomplished attorney and businesswoman who obtained her degree from Cornell Law School. As COO of BizMathematica LLC, she oversees the operational and strategic aspects of the company. She ensures it stays true to its mission of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to government agencies, including research and development initiatives. To that end, Suishta is dedicated to advancing the government's effectiveness through technology, including understanding stakeholders' specific needs and delivering solutions that accommodate and facilitate future innovation and advancement. Apart from her role at BizMathematica, Suishta is also a founding member and managing partner at the law firm of Madan & Saigal LLC. In this position, Suishta manages the firm's operations, serves as business immigration and general counsel to various technology companies, and represents them before agencies of the U.S. government. As an experienced attorney, Suishta has an in-depth understanding of U.S. government regulations and is well-versed in guiding her clients through complex legal frameworks.

Ramu Adusumilli

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Ramu Adusumilli serves as CFO of BizMathematica as well as in other roles. He is also a partner in a private equity firm focused on sustainability, engineering, and smart and connected technologies. His thesis, "How to Convert 'Social Green' to 'Financial Green,'" underscores his belief in the power of sustainable practices to generate both environmental and financial benefits. In this capacity, Ramu oversees the financial aspects of both the private equity firm and its portfolio companies. Ramu is also a seasoned Mechanical Engineer, and has over 30 years of experience in sustainable engineering. He has harnessed his skills and knowledge to make a lasting impact on sustainable development. Ramu has built an extensive ecosystem of co-partners, co-investors, and co-operators, which has enabled him to excel in structuring, negotiating, managing due diligence, and closing deals. His unique understanding of the technical and financial aspects of sustainable engineering has helped businesses reduce their ecological footprint while improving their bottom line.

Lt Col Luke C. Robertson

CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer) & Head of Corporate Strategy

Lt Col Luke C. Robertson is a Reserve Attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Middle East Regional Center in Washington DC, as a diplomat and liaison between the United States and foreign militaries. Luke grew up in Laramie, Wyoming and entered the Air Force in 2006 as a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, and is a Senior Pilot with over 3,500 flight hours. He is a Foreign Area Officer (FAO) who serves as both a Defense Attaché and a Security Cooperation Officer. He has been assigned to multiple operational and staff positions and has flown numerous combat missions throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Luke's private sector experience spans both the tech and aviation industries. In his position with BizMathematica, Luke is responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and implementing comprehensive plans that define the company's strategic direction and drive revenue growth. Previously, Luke held various positions including Senior Director for Honeywell, where he led its Connected Defense business development, defense strategy for 5G, government cloud, and AI/ML and AR/VR technologies, and was responsible for bringing Honeywell's $1.3B industrial software and sustainability solutions portfolio to the defense market. Luke has been awarded various commendations and medals during his service. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering Management from the United States Airforce Academy, a Master's degree in Ancient and Classical History from the American Military Academy, and a second Master's degree in National Security Studies from the Naval Post Graduate School.

Ravi Avasarla

CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

Ravi Avasarala has a proven track record of taking B2B technology products to market, selling to Fortune 500 enterprises over the last nine years. Ravi is CSO of BizMathematica and in that capacity he develops the organization's long-term strategic plan, including identifying new business opportunities, and supporting the implementation of strategies throughout the organization. Ravi is also a Partner at Ogni Capital Partners, a Chicago-based PE fund that invests in sustainability-driven startups and companies. Alongside this role, Ravi is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Strl Biosystems, a biotech startup revolutionizing infection control practices in healthcare settings through materials science and technology. Ravi is passionate about tackling large-scale challenges and excels in go-to-market strategy and understanding customer needs. ​ In his previous experience, Ravi was the CEO and Co-Founder of Ayasta Technologies, a company focused on digitizing electrical systems. At Ayasta, he successfully scaled their product to over 150 locations across India and secured deals with three major oil and gas companies. Ravi holds an MBA in Marketing & Strategy from the Indian School of Business, an EMP from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, and a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering. Ravi's accomplishments have earned him prestigious awards, such as the Best IoT Startup of the Year 2018 from the Government of the UK with the Tech Rocketship Award for IoT Startup in 2018.

Nipun Chopra

Director, Scientific Strategy

Nipun Chopra, PhD, is an assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. He earned his PhD in Medical Neuroscience from Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) where he discovered two microRNA that regulate key proteins involved in the Alzheimer's Disease pathway. In his subsequent post-doctoral training, also at IUSM, he investigated the interaction between APOE4 genotype and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Currently, Nipun is Director of Scientific Strategy for BizMathematica and in that capacity he establishes the overall scientific direction of the organization which involves developing and implementing strategic plans that align with the organization's objectives, resources and regulatory requirements. Nipun also serves as Chief Scientific Officer of Movement Interactive, Inc., a startup developing wearable hardware to detect concussive injuries in sports and the military and to predict fall injuries in the elderly. He serves as Scientific Advisor to Axiobionics, Inc. a Michigan-based company developing wearable neuroprosthetics to enhance arm mobility in stroke and TBI-affected individuals. Finally, he is the Founder of Chopra Science Consultancy, Inc., advising early-stage several biotech startups to traverse the valley between ideation and market entry.

Prathyusha Venigandla

CAO (Chief Administrative Officer)

Prathyusha Venigandla is the Chief Administrative Officer at BizMathematica. In this capacity, she oversees the organization's implementation of policies and coordinates activities between different departments and team members, all while ensuring that the organization runs efficiently and effectively towards its goals and objectives. She also serves in the same role for Eficens Systems, an information technology company that specializes in digital transformation. Since she has been at Eficens, Prathyusha has also held a variety of other positions there including as corporate strategist where she was responsible for developing and implementing business strategies primarily related to new market opportunities; as an assistant financial analyst, where she played a key role in managing the company's financial resources; and as a human resources consultant where she formulated strategies to attract, retain, and develop its workforce. Prathyusha holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University in Business with a specialization in Managerial Economics.

Neal Madan

General Counsel

Neal Madan is General Counsel at BizMathematica. He provides both legal and strategic advice across all operations and initiatives. With his experience in business immigration, and as general counsel over issues in the areas of technology law, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate law, Neal oversees all legal matters for the business and acts as its legal representative. In addition to his work at BizMathematica, Neal is also a founder and partner of the law firm Madan & Saigal, LLC. Here, he serves as General Counsel for technology companies and private equity funds. With over 24 years of experience in the field, Neal has represented clients in a variety of transactions and before the U.S. government. Neal's degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.
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