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Cyber Security

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, governments are faced with increasingly complex and widespread cyber threats. As a result, it is crucial to possess cyber resiliency to promptly respond to attacks and minimize damage while maintaining operational continuity. At BizMathematica, we are dedicated to assisting the federal government in their efforts to combat a vast range of potential threats - whether in indoor or outdoor environments. Our market-leading cybersecurity products, capabilities and solutions for the government are predicated on our comprehensive understanding of agency technology and mission.


BizMathematica has made significant investments in continuous innovation.

Strategy and Risk Management

In order to effectively manage risks, BizMathematica helps organizations understand its assets, identify potential threats, and determine the likelihood and potential impact of those threats. Once these risks have been identified, it devises a strategy to mitigate them. This strategy includes policies, procedures, and controls that are designed to reduce the likelihood and impact of risks.

Operations and SOC Security Operations Center

BizMathematica focuses on monitoring and responding to security incidents. This service involves the use of specialized tools and techniques to detect and respond to cyber attacks. The BizMathematica SOC is responsible for analyzing security logs, investigating incidents, and coordinating incident response activities.

Vulnerability Assessment and Research

BizMathematica's Vulnerability Assessment and Research service involves the identification of vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. BizMathematica uses specialized software tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities and assess their impact. Our Vulnerability Research efforts are essential to remain abreast of evolving trends and technologies that enables our clients to more effectively identify and mitigate potential cyber threats.

Cloud Security

BizMathematica's Cloud Security involves a combination of technical and administrative controls, such as encryption, authentication, and access controls, as well as continuous monitoring and vulnerability testing. Its Cloud Security solutions are essential for organizations that use cloud-based systems for data storage and processing including on hybrid as well as multi-cloud environments.

Zero Risk/Zero Trust

BizMathematica aims to eliminate all risks associated with a particular system or organization. It combines technical and administrative controls in its solution, such as firewalls, encryption, and access controls, as well as employee training and awareness programs. Through a policy of "never trust, always verify," sensitive data and digital assets are secured from internal and external threats.

OT (Operational Technology) Security

BizMathematica's OT Security practice focuses on security of industrial control and other operational technologies. This service involves the use of specialized tools and techniques to detect and respond to cyber attacks that target systems used in industrial processes. The goal of OT Security is to ensure that these critical systems are protected from cyber threats.
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