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Data Analytics and Data Science

Data is a valuable resource for any organization; the government is no exception. With the ever-increasing amount of data generated daily, it's crucial to have the right tools and processes to understand everything. That's where data analytics and data science come in.

At Biz Mathematica, we understand the importance of utilizing data to drive decision-making and improve operations. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of data analytics and data science services to help you extract insights from your data.

Our services cover the entire data lifecycle, from profiling and discovery to cataloging and provenance. We also focus on ensuring data quality and implementing fine-grained access controls to protect sensitive information.

Our partnerships with industry leaders like Snowflake, Databricks, and AWS allow us to offer best-in-class solutions for multi-cloud analytics. We also incorporate privacy-enhancing technologies to safeguard personal information and comply with relevant regulations.


Our profiling service helps you understand your data's structure, content, and quality. We use advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify patterns and anomalies and provide recommendations for improving data quality.

Provenance and Lineage

Our provenance and lineage service helps you track the origin and history of your data. We use data lineage tools and provenance techniques to provide a complete view of your data's journey, from its creation to its current state.

End-to-end Observability

Our end-to-end observability service helps you monitor your data and analytics pipeline from end to end. We use monitoring and alerting tools to provide real-time visibility into your data pipeline, ensuring issues are quickly addressed.


Our discovery service helps you identify new data sources and better understand your existing data. We use data visualization tools and exploratory data analysis techniques to uncover insights and opportunities.


Our data quality service helps you ensure your data's accuracy, completeness, and consistency. We use data quality tools and data profiling techniques to identify and address data quality issues, ensuring your data is fit for purpose.

Privacy-enhancing Technologies

Our privacy-enhancing technologies service helps you protect personal information and comply with relevant regulations. We use techniques like data masking and tokenization to safeguard personal information, ensuring it is not exposed to unauthorized users.


Our cataloging service helps you organize your data assets and make them easily accessible to authorized users. We use metadata management tools and data catalogs to comprehensively view your data assets, including their lineage and provenance.

Fine-grained Access Controls

Our fine-grained access controls service helps you protect sensitive information and comply with relevant regulations. We use role-based and attribute-based access control techniques to ensure only authorized users can access sensitive information.

Multi-cloud Analytics

Our multi-cloud analytics service helps you leverage data from multiple cloud platforms. We use cloud-native tools and technologies to ensure your data is accessible and actionable, no matter where it is stored.
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