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5G-FutureG/AR-VR/Edge Computing

BizMathematica’s convergence of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), edge computing, and 5G/FutureG networks has tremendous potential to transform how governments deliver services to their citizens. With BizMathematica's AR and VR solutions, governments can create immersive and interactive experiences that bring complex data to life and make it more accessible to people - whether in civilian or military environments. 


Our  Edge computing can help governments process data more quickly and securely, while Bizmathematica's 5G/FutureG underlay can provide the high-speed connectivity needed for these technologies to work effectively. Whether in public safety, healthcare, training, or other, these technologies create a powerful synergy upon which BizMathematica's solutions rest.

IoT and Sensor Solutions

Our IoT and sensor solutions enable real-time data collection and analysis, allowing government organizations to make informed decisions and take immediate action to improve their operations.

Environmental Use Cases

We offer solutions that enable government agencies to monitor and manage environmental conditions in real-time, enabling them to take proactive measures to mitigate the impact of environmental events.

Wi-Fi6 and 5G/FutureG Underlay

Our Wi-Fi6 and 5G underlay solutions provide high-speed connectivity and enable seamless data transfer across all industrial environments, including fixed, mobile end metro, and more.

Industrial Clouds

Our industrial cloud solutions provide secure and scalable cloud-based environments that enable government organizations to store and analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources.

AR/VR Solutions

Our AR/VR solutions in government range from immersive training simulations for emergency responders, to data visualization tools for urban planning and infrastructure management to virtual tours for government agencies to numerous other potential applications and benefits.
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